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Monday, August 21, 2000
SkyFighters 1945 OpenGL Update
12:42 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

The OpenGL version of Bullseye's SkyFighters 1945, a flight simulator of WWII-era aerial combat, has been updated. The small change fixes a problem with the appearance of the propeller on the 3D plane models.

If you have yet to try this zippy flight sim, which runs well even on an iMac, take it for a spin. Here is a description:

SkyFighters 1945 is a WWII era flight sim featuring both single user missions and multi-user Internet play. Highlights include: excellent computer AI for competitive dogfights, up to 8 players in the multi-player mode, ground targets, bombing, carrier operations, multiple worlds, realistic flight characteristics, create your own custom paint jobs, and many other features.

If you are looking for a WWII era flight sim for your Mac, SkyFighters 1945 is the one for you. Not super complex, like some other flight sims, but fully featured and a lot of fun.

SkyFighters 1945 is a great flight sim for experienced flight simers, AND beginning flight sim pilots as well.

Since its introduction, this flight sim has been accepted enthusiastically by fans of the genre -- the demo has been downloaded almost 2,000 times and 15 Macgamefiles users have rated it an average of 4.5 joysticks. Their comments range from "Absolutely fantastic, absolutely addicting" to "Say goodbye to your social life." Stop by and grab this one from Macgamefiles.com, and make sure you leave your own rating and comments -- other visitors to MGF definitely appreciate it.

Download SkyFighters 1945
SkyFighters 1945 User Reviews

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