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Friday, August 18, 2000
7:22 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

It's been over a month since Macworld Expo New York, but the last few reports from that perennial event continue to trickle in. Mac Gamer's Ledge has posted three articles by guest columnist Corey Tamas, editor of once-thriving MacGamer.com.

Corey's three irreverent looks at the Expo cover Free Stuff at Macworld, Looking Back at Macworld NY: The Players, and What Rocked at MWNY 2000. Accompanied by dozens of rather candid photos, these articles recount some of the behind-the-scenes nuttiness that can take place when strange people teetering on the edge of exhaustion run amok in New York City. If you've ever wanted to see MacCentral's Peter Cohen with toilet paper on his head, these are the articles for you.

MGL's MWNY Wrap-up

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