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Friday, August 18, 2000

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Deus Ex 2 Announced
6:00 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

If the traffic on the Mac newsgroups and in our forum is any indication, Mac users are definitely enjoying Ion Storm's dark, sinister sci-fi shooter Deus Ex. The same is true on the PC side as well; this title is ringing up robust sales on both platforms. Thus it comes as no surprise that Ion Storm and Deus Ex creator Warren Spector are already drawing up plans for a sequel, tentatively titled Deus Ex 2.

Gamespy broke this news late last night, promising an exclusive interview with all the details this Saturday. The information is obviously sparse at this point, but they had the following details to share:

The game is in an extremely early state and Eidos and ION Storm aren't giving much away in terms of game play specifics and screens shots, but Spector went into detail about the team behind the sequel, their previous roles and their experience.

Here's a list of the some of the team so far:

Project Director: Harvey "Witchboy" Smith.

Lead Programmer: Chris Carollo - ex-LookingGlass.

Programmers: Alex Duran and Matt Baer - both ex-LookingGlass guys.

Design: Steve "Hong Kong" Powers, Monte "Vandenberg/Area 51" Martinez and Ricardo "Airfield/Escape from UNATCO/Underwater Lab" Bare.

And what of Warren himself? He's busy overseeing multiple projects this time at ION Storm, and yes, one of those projects is indeed DX2. And according to Warren and Witchboy, they now have a much clearer idea of Deus Ex design, with the emphasis now being firmly on more depth and freedom.

There is no word yet on what graphics engine they will use for this sequel; if they choose the Unreal-based engines once again, it will virtually guarantee a Mac OS port. The Unreal Tournament engine is still under development and gaining new abilities all the time, as Digital Extremes modifies the engine for a massively-multiplayer online game called Dark Sector, so it is a likely candidate for the DX sequel. In any case, this is great news for fans of this title, as they know they have another to look forward to -- and unlike with movies, sequels in computer games are often much, much better than the original.

In related news, MGON has posted an in-depth interview with Warren Spector. While the interview seems to have been taken before the release of Deus Ex, the information about his background and the development of this title is quite interesting.

If you have yet to try the demo for Deus Ex, we highly recommend it -- over 8,000 visitors to MacGameFiles have downloaded it so far, and 23 visitors have awarded the demo an average of 4.5 Joysticks in user ratings.

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