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Thursday, August 17, 2000
New DS9 Screen Shots, Interview
11:59 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Accompanying the news that Deep Space Nine: The Fallen has been delayed until October (see related article), Simon and Schuster has released four new screen shots of this third-person shooter/adventure game in action -- perhaps to soften the blow. These new shots feature the main characters Kira, Worf and Sisko, and include one very cool shot of a character in an environment suit. You will find these images at the end of the story.

In related news, GameLoft has posted a short interview with developers from The Collective, creators of this game. The interview provides a solid overview of the game, and also discusses how they worked with Paramount to not only re-create but expand the Star Trek universe familiar to fans of this television series. However, it will be critical to the success of this game for it to be appealing to those who have never heard of the show as well. Here's The Collective's response to that challenge:

Does one have to have a sophisticated knowledge of the television series to appreciate this game?

[Tony] Not at all. From the ground up, DS9: The Fallen is an action/adventure game. We've worked very hard to create an intense / immersive landscape for the player to traverse. The technology at the player's disposal is true to Star Trek, but doesn't
require Star Trek-knowledge to operate. Having knowledge of the series will just allow the player to enjoy the experience more.

As we reported earlier this morning, watch for this title for Mac and PC this October.

DS9: The Fallen Screen Shot #3
DS9: The Fallen Screen Shot #4
DS9: The Fallen Screen Shot #2
DS9: The Fallen Screen Shot #1
DS9: The Fallen Delayed
The Collective Interview at GameLoft

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