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Thursday, August 17, 2000

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Soldier of Fortune Update
9:44 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Soldier of Fortune Center sent us word they had received an update from Hyperion Software on that company's progress with the Mac port of Soldier of Fortune. According to the update, they will begin next month, and hopefully they will be finished porting this gory, controversial shooter before the year is out. Here's the update from Hyperion:

Well, we are still in a very early stage pending completion of SiN (Amiga/Linux) and Shogo (Amiga/Mac/Linux).

Work will start in earnest mid-September and we hope to complete it by X-Mas.

Head on over to the Soldier of Fortune Center for more info on this popular PC title from Raven Software. Soldier of Fortune has generated more than a little controversy with its extreme violence and gore; it has been rated "X" in the UK and sales to minors are illegal. Based on the Quake 2 engine, SoF is exactly what it sounds like -- a shooter based on being a mercenary for hire, with a long solo game and extremely "realistic" combat.

If Hyperion's name sounds familiar, it is because they have been porting the shooter Shogo: Mobile Armored Division to the Mac OS for the last year and a half. This shooter, based on the LithTech engine, will be a welcome addition to the Mac catalog, but will also open the door to future ports of games also based on the LithTech engine, which is widely licensed on the PC side and the basis of over 20 future titles.

We'll keep you posted as more word on the status of Mac Shogo and SoF becomes available. Porting Soldier of Fortune in less than five months is a truly ambitious effort, and we wish Hyperion the best of luck.

Hyperion Software
Soldier of Fortune Center

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