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Thursday, August 17, 2000
Epic Interactive Brings New Titles to the Mac
8:51 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Earlier this year, we discovered Simon the Sorcerer 2 would be coming to the Mac thanks to a little known German company named Epic Interactive (not the Epic that did Unreal, obviously). Recently the company's head Thomas Steiding sent us an email detailing their plans for the Mac. Similar to Hyperion Software, Epic is originally an Amiga company who is now looking to shift some of their development efforts to the Mac. They will be bringing both ports of PC games and original titles of their own to the Mac platform. Four of these games should be out later this year, will a whopping 12 to follow in 2001!

Simon the Sorcerer 2 will be one of their first Mac titles, and should be out sometime around next month. Simon 2 was a popular PC adventure game from the British company Headfirst. The sequel, Simon 3D should be released soon for the PC and Epic will also port this title to the Mac next year.

Epic is apparently also working with TopWare Interactive to bring a few of their titles to the Mac. The first, which should be completed this November, is Earth: 2150. It's an impressive 3D real-time strategy game will many features:

  • Revolutionary 3D engine creates real-time lighting, true 3D terrain deformation, realistic fog-of-war and particle effects
  • First use of subterranean warfare in a real-time strategy game
  • Production units can be upgraded with offensive or defensive weaponry
  • Over 45 visually stunning CG cut scenes
  • Non-linear mission system with over 75 highly challenging missions
  • Real-time weather and day/night changes influence strategy and tactics
  • Optional multi-camera interface allows player to see 3 different areas at once
  • 3 distinct sides, each with their own unique technology
  • Customizable units: Research allows units to be upgraded with a variety of offensive/defensive armament, regardless of unit type

Be sure to check out the official Earth 2150 site for much more on this title. Another of TopWare's games Epic is working on is Gorky 17, which should be out later in December. Gorky 17 is a different take on an adventure/RPG game that is set in the sci-fi/horror genres. Here's a quick list of features:

  • Combines the best of three genres: (I) exploration and interaction
    with your environment (adventure), (II) character development (RPG),
    (III) engrossing battles with a wide variety of enemies (strategy)

  • Adventure elements are smoothly woven into the strategic battles,
    to create an exciting world and get you intensely involved in the
    scheme of things. Here you’re not just an observer - you’re truly
    part of the action!

  • The horror/s-f story, along with the in-game events and spectacular
    Softimage-created FMV cut scenes, is central to the game. The plot is
    realistic and rich, with riveting twists and turns that will keep you
    glued to your chair

There is a lot of other information, including some very nice screen shots at their web site, so head on over now for more details.

And if all this wasn't enough, Epic has announced they are bringing an original title, an action RPG called Dafel:Bloodline to the Mac in November. It's described as a Zelda-type RPG with newer 3D pre-rendered characters. Here's a description from Epic:

Dafel combines two engines, adventure and arcade. The best elements from adventure games, such as exploring your surroundings, using objects and talking to characters are combined with fast arcade action. The plot will be non-linear, unlike most other games of this genre.
All of these titles are looking very nice, and we're thankful Mac users will get the chance to try them out. Epic's web site should receive an overhaul next month with this new information, so keep checking back for new goodies.

Gorky 17 Web Site
Earth: 2150 Web Site
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Epic Interactive Web Site

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