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Tuesday, August 15, 2000
War in Sword Lands Released
4:03 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Author Pierre Vacon has notified us that his scenario for Fantasoft's extensible RPG Realmz, entitled War in the Sword Lands, has been released for posting at the Fantasoft web site. WISL is the second part of a trilogy; the first installment, Trouble in the Sword Lands, was released in late 1999.

Realmz is a Mac-first RPG which has undergone a long, complex history of updates and transformations. There are dozens of shareware and freeware scenarios available for this title, created with the scenario editor Divinity.

Here are more details on WISL, from Pierre's web site:

War in the Sword Lands (WiSL for short) is an official Realmz scenario for characters begining at 12th level. This second installment of the Sword Lands Trilogy was released in August 2000. The main features of WiSL are the following:

  • The scenario is a huge scenario, even bigger than TiSL. Indeed, it includes 4 complete regular land levels, 3 island/sea levels, 1 desert level, 1 snow level, 1 volcanic level, 1 sewer level, 6 indoor levels (castles, inns, shops, taverns, ruins, etc.), 3 underground levels (including 1 shadow elf undercity!), and 2 dungeon levels;
  • Some 330 monsters (most of which are new) for about 500 possible battles, along with 95-odd new items, 20 available special characters (NPC's), around 50 major villainous personages/beings to contend with, and countless other characters (from fishermen and bartenders to Great Kings and Queens) for the players to interact with;
  • The scenario can adjust itself (in terms of story, NPC's, and dialogs) whether you have played TiSL previously or not (note that the synopsis presented above is from the context of the characters having already gone through TiSL);
  • The scenario has all the features which made TiSL popular (i.e. complex plot and rich story, no skimming on the details and dialogs, good drama, great battles, extended freedom of choice for the players, numerous land levels, buildings and dungeons to explore, riddles and puzzles to solve, etc.);
  • The scenario allows the players to make actual strategic decisions before entering some of the major battles, and thus influencing the outcome (i.e. easy, normal, or difficult) whether the decision was right, inconsequent, or dead wrong;
  • Water and food are required to be carried: otherwise, your party members will suffer from dehydration or hunger!
  • The large majority of shops, temples and buildings are opened only throughout the usual period of the day, so don't try to go shopping at three in the morning, or attempt to visit a king around midnight!

  • While there are obviously bigger and more battles in WiSL than in TiSL, the motus operandi remains the same: "Durn good brains AND a good sword required; otherwise, ye need not apply"!

  • And plenty more neat things to do and explore ... many of which are likely to surprise ya aside from a far-reaching, main plot!
For more information on this scenario and many others, visit the Realmz web site.

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