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Tuesday, August 15, 2000
Deimos Rising Progress
11:19 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Over the weekend Ambrosia Software updated their web site with information and images from Deimos Rising, a top-down shooter and sequel to the original Mars Rising. This project has faced several delays, but has now reached Alpha status, and has been handed over to testers for preliminary work.

Along with a status update, author David Wareing released several new images of the game in progress, including the first full-size screen shot revealing the gorgeous 16-bit graphics. This new title is no mere sequel -- it is a redesign from the ground up. Unlike the original title, Deimos Rising is designed to be modular and expandible, so third-party maps and sprites may be possible. Here is a list of features to come:

  • 2 player action! Compete against your best friend and humiliate him!
  • Many new war-mongering enemies, with new weapons and devastating abilities.
  • New player weapons and the ability to buy weapons as needed. Capitalism in space!
  • 16 bit color - all graphics and visual effects are displayed in thousands of colors!
  • Beautifully rendered and varying landscapes, with no tiling.
  • Smooth, 30 FPS vertical and horizontal scrolling action.
  • Translucent animation, particle effects and scaling. Eye candy galore!

The final version of this game is due this Winter. Due to the file size of the 16-bit artwork, this game is expected to be released on CD-ROM. Jump to the Ambrosia Upcoming page for more details on this upcoming release as well as other titles in development.

Deimos Rising Project Log
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