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Thursday, September 12, 2002

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Mac Jedi Knight II & Mods
9:08 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

IMG recently chatted with Brad Oliver, the Westlake Interactive developer porting Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, about how the game will work with the many community-made modifications available. As you may know, the title is based upon the flexible Quake 3 Arena engine, and so many groups are able to create new scenarios and gameplay modes based on Jedi Knight II.

Oliver notes that as long as they keep their code withing the Quake Virtual Machine (QVM), Mac users shouldn't have any problems:

They should work fine. I've installed a few. I'll probably test them out a little more thoroughly in the next few days as we start to wrap things up.

There are two gotchas: they can't use native dll's unless they're recompiled for the Mac (most use the qvm bytecode so this isn't an issue), and they have to be compatible with the 1.04 version of the multiplayer app.

When asked whether Oliver will make a Mac version of the Jedi Knight II SDK available (as has happened with past Q3-based games), he noted they are shooting to have it on the game CD as an extra feature:
The native DLLs can be compiled by anyone with a Mac and the JK2 SDK. If the mod authors choose to keep their mod source code as closed-source, then they'd have to do it or they'd have to find someone with a Mac to do it for them. I'd be happy to volunteer my services if it comes to this, depending on the amount of free time I have.

If the mod is open-source, then the only limitation is you need to have a copy of CodeWarrior 8 and the Mac JK2 SDK, which should be on the Mac CD as an extra.

A huge thanks to Oliver and the rest of the Westlake and Aspyr Media team for their help in making this exciting title last even longer. For an idea of the mods currently available, check out some of the sites listed below such as JediKnight2Files and JediKnightII.net.

Jedi Knight II is expected to be complete late this month, so stay tuned to IMG for the latest as it starts to ship.

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