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Monday, September 9, 2002

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WWIIOnline Mac Patch Posted
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Cornered Rat has released an update for the Mac pre-release test of World War II Online. Version 1.6.60d is available as a full download of 98MB or as a 2.2MB patch for those with the previous client (v1.6.60c) already installed.

For those wanting to play this free beta test of the massively multiplayer online war sim, grab the full installer and sign up at the official web site for an account. One very valuable resource for Mac testers is their Mac-specific forum, which players should post to with crash logs and any other issues with the OS X client. Here are instructions with how you can help:

When posting in this forum use the following format for the subject line:
"Version Number / Bug Type"
The version number can be found by using "Get Info" on the application. Also be sure to include any Console logs that result from a crash. This is the most important feedback we can get.
Head over now to the World War II Online site and download the update if you don't already have it.

World War II Online Mac Pre-Release Test
World War II Online Mac Forum
Strategy First
Cornered Rat Software
World War II Online
Download War War II Online 1.6.60d Update (2.2MB)

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