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Monday, August 14, 2000

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Elite Force Designer Diary
10:29 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

With the recent confirmation of a Mac port of Raven Software's upcoming shooter Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, information about this game online suddenly becomes much more pertinent. The latest Designer Diary at Computer Games Online provides a look at the history and development of this title, and is peppered with quotes from The Princess Bride for no particular reason.

One of the challenges faced by the team from the very beginning was how to turn the bloodless, often combat-free environment of the TV show into something resembling an exciting shooter -- after all, a game based on a holographic doctor malfunction would probably not draw sales. Here's an excerpt from this diary installment, penned by level designer Chris Foster:

Trying to work out a rationale for more than the average amount of combat actions in a Trek episode taxed us for a while. We toyed with the idea of making the game more like a role-playing experience with multiple characters but dismissed it as not allowing the player to get into the head of a main character. We toyed with the idea of a replenishable supply of red-shirts to take with you on missions, but dismissed this when we discovered we were going to be doing a Voyager game. With such a small crew, losing too many people would mean the end of the ship’s journey very quickly. We even toyed with the idea of a section-31 type operative. It was dismissed since we knew nothing about the division at that point.
The solution they ended up with, of course, was the creation of the Hazard Team, a group of combat-ready commandos which must storm a series of alien vessels (including a Borg Cube) to find a way to free the Voyager from a 'Sargasso Sea' in space. A demo version of this game is currently available on the PC side, and has received wide acclaim. The release date of the Mac OS version is unknown at this time, but as this game is based on the Quake 3 Arena engine, and Raven has already completed much of the Mac development in-house, we expect the Mac version to follow the PC final release closely.

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Elite Force Developer Diary #2
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Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

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