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Monday, September 2, 2002

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Non-Mandatory Warbirds III Update
6:00 AM | Tim Morgan | Comment on this story

Total Sims announced the release of a non-mandatory update to the MMO flight sim Warbirds III, labeled 08.28.02. The update, not required to play online, includes the following changes, from the Warbirds III website:

  • NEW: Aircraft and cockpits: P-39D, P-39Q
  • FIXED: Aircraft and cockpits: MC205, Mosquito IV, Mosquito VI, CV6 USS Enterprise
  • FIXED: WinXP/2000 load times improved
  • FIXED: All Shadows.
  • FIXED: Fixed most of the 'flying roads' instances
  • FIXED: All three flak and explosion sounds are used again
  • FIXED: Game honors the no cockpit selection offline
  • FIXED: Carrier takeoff and landing groundspeed/airspeed discrepancy
  • FIXED: Tonnage on Target now resets after a .load is done in an arena
  • FIXED: Drone(including wingmen)-launched paratroopers will now count towards field capture
  • FIXED: Issue with the field data not being relaoded when you are in the spawnpoint selection area and you change the terrain
  • FIXED: Bug where if a non-player-mission .off file (like the 1v1,2v2 air attack off files) were loaded and issued .fly
    command the settings in the off file (such as #wingmen,
    #enemies) were not being honored
    * FIXED: Drone Wingees as follows:
  • SBD and JU87 (non-bombay-doored planes) should now drop bombs
  • Salvo settings now honored
    * Gunners will not fire if player's plane is on ground
  • Less likely to oscillate in formation
  • Now possible to customize which planes can and can't have wingmen by a host setting

The upgrade is for Mac OS 9 only, as Total Sims is working on incompabilities with Mac OS X 10.2. Warbirds III is a massively-multiplayer online wargame with an emphasis on flight simulation. It takes place over Western Europe during World War II.

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WarBirds III
Download 08.28.02 Update for OS 9 (25MB)

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