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Thursday, August 29, 2002

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New Vendetta Test 3.0 Release Date
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The Guild Software web site was updated recently with news that the Vendetta Test 3.0 milestone of this online space shooter would be delayed a couple of weeks. Originally the plan was to implement this major upgrade on September 1, but various issues have convinced the team to hold the release until September 15. Here's the post with an explanation:

We're unhappy to announce that due to an unexpected number of bugs reported this past month, and the time that was required to locate and fix them, we aren't going to be able to make the Sept 1st date for 3.0. We've pushed it back to the 15th. Sorry to all the people who are waiting for it. We're working hard to try and make it worth the wait.
Fans are already showing support for the move in the game's messageboards, as stability is valued over stringent punctuality in the long run.

In case you haven't tried out Vendetta, Guild Software is currently holding a public beta test of this cross-platform online game, and it's available for OS X now. The application requires a G3, 128MB RAM, and a video card with 16MB VRAM to play, though you'll likely want to have a Radeon or better with a G4 to play at optimal speeds.

At the current time, Vendetta is a space combat game with deathmatch and capture the flag modes implemented. The test of Vendetta is free to play for anyone, but Guild Software hopes to have it eventually become a thriving massively multiplayer online title. The Vendetta Test 3.0 will bring a host of new features including multiple universes and a basic trading structure. Here's a list of planned features for 3.0:

A completely new, 9-system universe with home stations for each of the three Nations (red, blue and yellow).

Implementation of a basic functional economy. Ship upgrades must be purchased at stations; bounties of vanquished enemies are converted into cash.

Basic trade of cargo between stations will be possible.

Complete persistency, with the removal of "game time", "powerups" and other concepts.

An improved Updater, featuring better download-disconnection recovery.

Improved soundsystem, free of snaps, crackles and pops, and supporting compression, decreasing the size of the game download.

Many other miscellaneous improvements and new features. New, more advanced graphics for users with recent videocards. Etc.

In order to play Vendetta, you'll need to sign up on their web site and then download a small auto-updater which grabs all of the necessary files. We'll keep you posted as the game moves towards 3.0 and beyond.

Guild Software
Vendetta Online

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