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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

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6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

As reported earlier, GarageGames has been hosting a series of online chats that focus on indie game development. Latest in the docket is a chat transcript with a title that says it all: Team Building; Recruiting, Inspiring & Building the Dream.

One of the topics touched on early in the chat is that building a team of inspired indie game developers may not be as easy as people think. Though there are undoubtedly tons of gamers out there who dream of working in the business, getting them to actually bite proves to be somewhat difficult:

Attracting quality talent as an "indie" with no track record is very challenging and time consuming. Placing "help wanted" ads on your company web site, GG, Gamasutra, Flipcode, etc really only result in a handful of hits - surprisingly enough. Our best results have come from "cold emailing" potential candidates from a list we generate by searching the web. For example, to find a quality level designer that knows Torque - we scrounged and sent emails to anyone that had created some decent looking maps.
Other topics introduced include inking out profit-sharing plans, what to shoot for when creating a game for the first time, and how to keep a team from ripping itself apart. Those interested in the transcript can find it hosted at CyPR Media.

Team Building Community Chat 0.2.0

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