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Monday, August 14, 2000
OceanWorlds On Horizon
6:00 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

A very curious site called Netbabyworld has announced OceanWorlds, a 3D realtime game to be played with your web browser. Featuring a downloadable 3D engine and realtime netplay, this game will be free, and judging by the Netbaby site, quite adorable as well. Although this game isn't due until October, there is plenty at the NetBaby web site to keep you entertained, from Shockwave games to an entire virtual world.

Here are details from the press release:

OceanWorlds is the first in a series of 3-D games that will be released by
Netbabyworld. The game is launched in October and will be based on the
Netbabyworld 3-D game engine, which keeps the download time for complicated
games on the Internet down to a minimum.

OceanWorlds takes place in an island world that is part of the Netbabyworld.
The game is a 3-D multiplayer game, and is more extensive than the previous
Shockwave game versions by Netbabyworld.

- OceanWorlds can be described as an action and a strategy game. It is a
multiplayer game on the Internet that makes it possible for our users to
play advanced 3-D games against each other, says Mattias Karlgren, Head of
Game Programming and Development at OceanWorlds.

The player will, in a team or alone, conquer islands, build houses,
airfields and factories to manufacture units and travel around the world.
The main goal is to capture all competitors and to control the entire
OceanWorlds. The game is based on the Netbaby characters Ninjagirl, Slacker
and Digger. OceanWorlds is used for free, just as any other game from

- OceanWorlds fills a void, since the supply of free 3-D games on the
Internet is limited, continues Mattias Karlgren.

Thanks to a new game engine, Netbabyworld can now offer their users 3-D
games, such as OceanWorlds, with console quality on the Internet. The new
3-D engine is manufactured by Netbabyworld and as easy to download as

OceanWorlds is released in October and will be followed by a 3-D racing
game, and furthermore an entire virtual reality world. The exact dates for
the launches will be presented as they come up on

There is plenty to explore at this unique web site, which can only be described as Hello Kitty goes to Sweden. It will be interesting to see how they handle the common network gaming problems of finding opponents and handling Internet latency.

Netbaby World

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