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Monday, August 14, 2000

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Volition Q&A
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

GameWeek has recently posted an interview with Mike Kulas and Philip Holt of Volition. While the Q&A mostly covers their experiences with the Playstation 2, there is a bit about both titles that they currently have in progress, Summoner and Red Faction. These games will be coming to the Mac, though the PS2 version of the 3D RPG Summoner will be released first as it won't contain any multiplayer capabilities.

Red Faction won't be available till early 2001. Here's a clip about this FPS's amazing Geo-Mod technology that will enable players to break through structures:

Unlike scripted sequences, it is completely arbitrary. For example, if there is some guy running across a bridge, you can blast a hole through it and he will fall through if you time it right. It offers the player a new kind of gameplay, and it offers so much flexibility. One thing we find here is that when we show Red Faction to someone, they just start blowing everything up. It is like they are a kid destroying their LEGO creation. The engine also allows players to use strategy elements throughout gameplay. If you see enemies coming at you, you can blow up the bridge they coming in on, or if you are cornered somewhere, you can blast a hole through the wall. We also have an infrared scope, and the cool thing is that if you have it on and blast a hole through the wall, you can see the enemies react to the chaos. Them you can shoot them with your sniper gun. The AI will react to the hole that you create, leading to your allies and enemies using the hole to either enter or leave the building.
In related news, PS2.IGN has put Summoner second on their list of anticipated titles. In the quick paragraph they outline the game's gameplay:
A Baldur's Gate-style combat system with arcade interaction in the style of Vagrant Story is in place now, and it blew us away. A small icon appears over the head of whichever character the player is controlling (everybody in the party, including summoned creatures, is controllable at any time) right at the moment of attack. Pressing any of the directions on the digital pad (movement is done with the analog sticks) exactly at the moment the icon appears results in a special attack that can be turned into a continuing chain.
Be sure to check out both articles for more on Volition's impressive upcoming releases.

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