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Wednesday, August 21, 2002
Carmack and Doom III
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

As the last of the QuakeCon reports are posted from the recent Texas event, some interesting things have come to light about id Software, programming guru John Carmack, and their next-gen shooter Doom III. Two of the big features of this year's QuakeCon was a talk and Q&A session with Carmack as well as a longer version of the Doom III demonstration from E3.

GameSpy was nice enough to transcribe many of the questions asked of Carmack. While many of them revolve around technical features of the engine, a number also talk gameplay issues such as the length of the singleplayer mode, the amount of time before it's done, and the controversial issue not to include a fleshed-out multiplayer mode:

Attendee: What kind of multiplayer can we expect?

Carmack: The multiplayer situation is that we are... synchronous on there. It's kind of like the original Doom where you have a game together... there's not late entry. That's largely caused by the fact that... to make the single-player game work really nicely, it sure can be neat to not have to worry about extrapolation, and making everything parametric, and shuffling everything across there. We are concentrating on being a good single player game. The multiplayer is probably going to be four-player small stuff. One-on-one or two-on-two type situations. We do expect, once we're done, that there will be a significant expansion or new product based on the Doom technology, that will have a much stronger focus on the multiplayer. But the level that's going to be in here is going to be very minimal.

For much more, check out the rest of the Q&A transcription.

An article at PC.IGN wraps up the demo, talking with id's Tim Willits and Fred Nilsson as well. It notes the demo was run on ATI's newest Radeon 9700 card with great results, though it will be able to play on lesser hardware. The new engine will do more than just push more pixels through, though. The article quotes Willits as explaining how the new graphics will work to smooth gameplay as well:

"All of the models and characters and everything goes through the same graphical pipeline," Tim explains further, "so in the past players knew that that thing was going to move or this thing was going to break. Now with the consistency and the unified engine of the DOOM III technology, we're able to create animated pieces so players have no clue what's going to jump out at them at any time which it should heighten the suspense."
Read through the rest of the piece for more on the Doom III demo. The game's technology is mostly complete, with the team now focusing on producing content and gameplay.

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