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Monday, August 19, 2002
Mac Gaming Sites Unveil Redesigns
11:00 AM | Vern Xiong | Comment on this story

Popular Mac game sites, MacGamer and iDevGames, have unveiled new website designs today with both touting new features in addition to new looks.

MacGamer's Corey Tamas explains their new site design:

Aside from the new look (which now accommodates a lot more content on the front page), we've also been cramming more info into the site. Networkable Mac Games has returned with hundreds of games in our database for those who want a central resource for games that can be played on a network. A new "How To" section has launched with tips and tricks for newbies and experienced folk alike. We're launching all new columns throughout the coming weeks and, of course, you'll find the same reliable news, interviews, previews, features and other stuff that you're used to at MacGamer.
Meanwhile, iDevGames' Carlos Camacho explains that they've moved to a new server and launched a new design as well as some new features:
With the move to a new server, iDevGames also sports a new look-and-feel. But the changes are more than just skin-deep: the new site contains such features as a Wiki system setup by Spencer Crissman to handle a Frequently Asked Questions section, a community built glossary, and community built online tutorials (; improved layout on the front page for easier navigation; and other new features such as the "Download Finder" for easily navigating all that iDevGames has to offer.
Be sure to check out both of the sites today. Be on the lookout for IMG's redesign tomorrow ;-)


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