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Monday, August 19, 2002
The Gamesome Mac Talks With Ben Haller
7:59 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Tonight on The Gamesome Mac, the weekly Mac gaming radio show, hosts Sean Smith and Omaha Sternberg will be talking with Ben Haller of Stick Software.

The programmer of the classic Solarian II, one of the first great color games for the Mac, Ben went on to write the phenomenal game Lunatic Fringe and the Satori and Rose screen saver modules for After Dark before working at NeXT and Apple.

Last year, Ben left Apple to focus again on developing "anti-productivity tools for the discerning user." Among the software since released by Stick Software is Fracture, an astonishingly beautiful fractal screen saver for Mac OS X.

As usual, Sean and Omaha will serve up news, reviews, and commentary, answer listener questions along with their guest, and give away some great software in the show's live chat room.

The Gamesome Mac can be heard on Mondays from 6 to 8 pm Pacific Time (9 pm Eastern; Tuesday, 01:00 UTC) on the MacTV Network.

Stick Software
Download Solarian II 1.0.4 (682 KB)

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Archives  News  The Gamesome Mac Talks With Ben Haller