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Monday, August 19, 2002

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More GenCon Shadowbane Reports
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Two more reports based off the recent appearance of Shadowbane at GenCon have recently surfaced that reveal even more information about this upcoming MMORPG. First up to bat is Massivemultiplayer.org, which has a fairly extensive report that covers everything from a community manager's favorite races to how roleplaying factors into a PvP-themed game.

Another interesting point covered is the Assassin's silence ability, which is useful when trying to kill off a target:

Most people think of Silence being to disable casters of using their craft. Not this silence. The assassinís silence power shuts you up, literally. If an assassin is going after you and you need to scream to your friends to help you through type and guild chat and so onÖ they arenít going to hear you. You will be able to see what you say, but not them.
Shadowbane site, Aerynth Atheneaum, has also updated its own GenCon report with a second part that lists reader-based questions and answers. One question pertains to information on the magic system:
There is an html list that has been put together that has everything on it. Should be on the site very soon. Spells will work much like the melee combat where all you have to do is drag the icon over on the interface and just click on it to use. The structure is that you put more points into a spell the effects of that spell will increase. The more points you put into a spell the more effective it will be. Much like a number of other games out there.
In a related note, those interested in experiencing Shadowbane character generation can do so at Shadowbane Catacombs, where a browser-based character builder is available. While still currently in an early state of development, it provides an interesting walkthrough as to how characters in Shadowbane will develop, and should give interested players a leg up when Shadowbane finally hits store shelves.

Shadowbane Catacombs - Character Builder
massivemultiplayer.org - Shadowbane Preview from GenCon
Aerynth - SB GenCon Report: Part Two
Wolfpack Studios

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