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Friday, August 11, 2000
A Curious Conversion
1:54 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

3DNews.Net pointed us towards a curious 'partial conversion' taking place in the Quake 3 Arena 'mod' community -- specifically a conversion based on competing deathmatch title Unreal Tournament. This experiment seems destined to anger zealots on both side of the 'best shooter' debate, as fans of each game tend to snarl derisively at those who deign to play the other title.

This project is close to first beta, and seventeen screen shots attest to the excellent accuracy of their conversion of three popular deathmatch maps from Unreal Tournament to the Q3A format. They have even transferred the original textures and lighting effects, as well as partially mimicking the HUD from UT. Even the weapons of Q3A will be altered to behave more like UT weapons; currently the UT plasma rifle and Fusion Rifle are implemented, replacing the Q3A plasma rifle and Railgun. No word is given on the use of "alt-fire" modes however.

Here is the latest status report on this mod:

Here are the latest batch of beta images for some of the maps in the UT to Q3 partial conversion mod. We're releasing the first beta of the mod here next Friday, August 18th. What we're going to do, is release a beta for public testing each area we put together. We would like to get some public feedback on any bugs that may arise. Things are pretty solid at this point in it's development, and we're still in need of another coder, and modeller. So if you're interested in contributing to this mod, drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you.

We're releasing the beta's and the final mod with no music, but an optional download containing the music for each map we're including. Since .wav music files are much larger in size than .umx files, we don't wanna force people that don't want the music to have to download them.

Also at this time we're taking requests as to what maps you would like to see incorporated into the mod. There's no guarantee that we'll include yours if you send an email, and we can't put them all in, but we will be picking a few that you do suggest to include.

Fans of UT are sure to crow in triumph, considering this an admission that theirs is the superior deathmatch experience; Fans of Q3A will more likely retort that now UT is finally worth playing. There is no word on how many maps they plan to convert, or whether player models/skins will be included. As with all UT and Q3A mods, a properly-constructed one should be transparently cross-platform, so watch for that download on the 18th.

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