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Friday, August 16, 2002
Help ATI Build A F.A.Q.
11:54 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

This morning ATI's Eric, also known as QE Guy From ATI in the IMG forums, posted in our forums asking for help from IMG readers to help him build a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Eric's goal is to eventually post the FAQ to help readers with ATI products.

Here's a snippet from Eric's post:

I am going to ask for a little help from all of you. Over the past few days I have been answering a lot of questions in these forums and all over the net. I don't mind doing this but after a while it does start to take up a lot of time . Especially when people keep asking the same question over again. So in order to facilitate matters and to keep me from getting grouchy and telling people to go use the search feature of the forum, I thought I would collect as many questions as I could that you guys have and assemble them into a FAQ that I could either post or just e-mail to you. So please start firing away with the questions or any suggestions that you may have for the FAQ . Please keep in mind though that I will not be answering these questions right away. I want to put together a clear and concise document and that will take a little time. Some of you may also ask some very hardcore technical questions that are over my little QE head so I will have to go beat the answers out of Chris Bentley and the rest of the Mac driver development team. With that I turn the microphone over to you.
So if you have a question for ATI, be sure to stop by the forum post by clicking on the forum link below.

ATI FAQ Requests

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