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Friday, August 16, 2002

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'Racer' Adding Wheel Support
9:48 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Ruud van Gaal, creator of the racing simulator simply dubbed Racer recently made a post to the IMG reader reviews regarding wheel support in his title. Racer has been available for OS X in early development form for a few weeks, and now it seems he is working to let owners of wheels like the Thrustmaster 360 Modena Pro to his title. Here's part of his reader review of the Modena wheel:

I'll do my best to support this wheel for Racer (well, as it's the only wheel I have it should be able to be the best supported). Don't know yet if I can use HID Manager or must resort back to InputSprocket (or even support both?).

Hopefully Racer can boost racing games and wheels on the Mac a bit, since it's a shame that the market is so niche.

He also notes that if there were ever to be an API for true force-feedback on Mac OS X, his app would support it. Stay tuned to IMG for more progress on Racer, and be sure to give it a download if you're unafraid of beta-level software.

360 Modena Pro Racing Wheel Reader Reviews
Download Racer 0.5b4

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