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Thursday, August 15, 2002
Gravitass Released for OS 9, X
10:45 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

UK Mac shareware developer Forever Games has released another title for OS 9 and OS X called Gravitass. The tongue-in-cheek title is a 3D racing/rescue game in which you, as a member of an elite order of nuns, must control a vehicle while trying to rescue space station inhabitants. Here's a clip with more from the game's site:

You are equiped with a mysterious alien time travelling device which allows you to send small vehicles back to a time immediately before the catastrophic explosions occurred, from there you must fly or drive through the cavernous, labyrinthine interiors of the stricken vessels picking up all the people living there, and then find your way back to the time machine before the explosions destroy them, you and everything else on board!
Forever Games recommends having a G3 processor running at 266MHz, some sort of 3D accelerator, and CarbonLib 1.5 if running under OS 9. To download from Macgamefiles, use the link below.

The company also noted they recently Carbonized another of their games called Tactical Air Combat Simulator (or TACS) to run in OS X, so give that a look as well if you're interested.

Download Gravitass 1.0
Gravitass Web Site
TACS Web Site

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Archives  News  Gravitass Released for OS 9, X