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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

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Civilization III 1.21g Patch Available
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

MacSoft has let it be known that a new patch is now available for Mac users of Civilization III. The patch, which brings Civ3 up to version 1.21g, comes with two caveats that users should take note of before upgrading.

The first issue is that of a possible Carbon conflict under OS 8.6/9.x, which MacSoft notes may be caused by File Sharing. The fixes include either turning off File Sharing or running Civ3 under OS X.

The second issue involves the use of more RAM:

We have tested version 1.21g on the original minimum-spec (64MB RAM) and 1.21g will run, but it will run quite slowly. We now recommend 128 MB of physical RAM. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but in seeking to keep parity with changes to the PC code we have been unable to circumvent this change in resource requirements.
Those willing to work with the new requirements will find a host of bug fixes with the latest upgrade, including the following:
Increased the preferred and minimum memory sizes for the Civilization III
application under Mac OS 9. Use the OS 9 Memory control panel to increase
the amount of Virtual Memory if you don't have enough memory to open the
application. If you receive out of memory messages while playing, quit and
use Get Info to increase the minimum and/or preferred memory sizes further.
Fixed save game bug that led to a unit support cost of zero.
Fixed several minor save game bugs that could result in mildly corrupt
saved games.
Fixed bug that could cause areas of the map to incorrectly appear
reconnoitered when loading games saved with Civ III versions older than
Fixed bug that made games appear to not be using the default rules. This
could cause the Hall of Fame screen not to appear when a game ended.
Temporary file "save.tmp" is now properly removed when no longer needed.
Changed location of temporary files created during saving that could
result in broken saved games and/or an inability to load saved games when
multiple users were involved.
Saved games now have the correct icon and file type.
Cmd-Shift-Q hotkey no longer triggers OSX logout dialog.
The patch, which is sized at around 4.8MB, can be downloaded from either Infogrames' technical support site or from MacGameFiles.

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