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Thursday, August 10, 2000
SkyFighters 1945 Demo Available
1:09 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

A demo of SkyFighters 1945 from Bullseye Software is now available. SF 1945, formerly known as SkyFighters 2000, is a WWII era flight sim featuring both single user missions and multi-user Internet play. Highlights include:

Excellent computer AI for competitive dogfights, up to 8 players in the multi-player mode, ground targets, bombing, carrier operations, multiple worlds, realistic flight characteristics, create your own custom paint jobs, and many other features.

If you are looking for a WWII era flight sim for your Mac, SkyFighters 1945 is the one for you. Not super complex, like some other flight sims, but full-featured and a lot of fun.

SkyFighters 1945 is a great flight sim for experienced flight simers, AND beginning flight sim pilots as well.


  •  iMacs, G3s and G4s
  •  Works on PowerMacs (603/180 or faster)
  •  16 megs RAM free
  •  3D hardware accelerator (works best with ATI chips)
  •  RAVE
  •  InputSprockets
  •  4 megs VRAM minimum (When viewed at 640x480)

Bullseye is selling a 'preview release' of this title for a limited time; buyers will be able to obtain the entire game later by downloading additional levels and planes from the net. Grab the demo at Macgamefiles, and visit the Bullseye site for more details.

SkyFighters 1945 Information
SkyFighters 1945 Demo

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Archives  News  SkyFighters 1945 Demo Available