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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

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Neverwinter Nights: Mods Aplenty
6:00 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

While Mac users wait eagerly for MacSoft's port of the critically acclaimed Neverwinter Nights, developed by Bioware, PC users are already jumping into the immersive world. One of the most unique and arguably most rewarding features Neverwinter Nights has to offer is its complex adventure editor, where you, the gamer, can create your own world right from your own computer. After creating an adventure, you can post it all over the Internet, and challenge other gamers to your creation. According to a Bioware press release, over 500 of these adventure modules exist, just waiting for fans to pick them up and give them a go.

BioWare will also be considering partnership with several high-profile fan communities:

To be able to maintain and grow this type of community support, the Official BioWare Neverwinter Nights community site is partnering with various high-profile fan and computer gaming sites.

"Together, we're managing the vast, head-detonating amount of new content that's out there", said Jay Watamaniuk, BioWare's Community Manager. "Each of these sites bring their strengths to the Neverwinter Nights community and together, the Neverwinter Nights community is an incredible resource for all Neverwinter Nights gamers", he concluded.

Neverwinter Nights won't be out on the Mac until early Fall 2002, but you'll be able to play any of these 500+ modules once you pick up a copy. For more information, and even Bioware staff insights, check out the full press release.

Over 500 New Neverwinter Nights Adventures Available
Neverwinter Nights
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