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Tuesday, July 30, 2002
MGD Interviews Freeverse
1:02 PM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Mac Game Database's very own Marc Antony Vose, was given the privilege to have a chat with Ian Lynch Smith and Colin Lynch Smith of the popular Mac game developer, Freeverse.

This exclusive interview is chock full of good news for eager Mac gamers. Ian and Colin reveal some very exciting plans for Freeverse in the near future. Among them is an update to the extremely popular Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab (3), Xpression!, a new "skinning" utility for Mac OS X, similar to the well-known Kaleidoscope, Active Lancer, a new yet old-school vertical side scroller, and a whole lot more.

Ian and Colin also share their take on the OS X gaming scene:

Marc: Are you liking the new developer APIs in X, or are you still sticking with Carbon?

Ian: We're not using Cocoa too much, mostly because the customer base isn't there yet. Even Apple's large umbrella is only saying 10% of Mac users use X, and so we can't. But, everything we're doing is Carbon at least.

Colin: Especially since a lot of our our games are card and board games, so they have an older audience, and they don't upgrade their computers as frequently.

Ian: In some ways, I think we've hurt our business. We've advanced our software faster than the user base. Which will be good; we'll be able to sit on our laurels a little bit, once everyone gets with the program, and switches to X!

For more information, exciting news, and moose flatulence, check out the full interview under the related links section below. And be sure bring an extra pair of pants!

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Freeverse Interview

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