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Thursday, August 10, 2000
Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year
11:34 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Infogrames has announced the not-so-humble Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year, a re-release of this first-person shooter accompanied by three gameplay 'mods' and twenty additional maps. While all of the additions to this game are available online, the re-release is obviously targeted towards those new to the game, not veteran players. Here are the details:

How do you improve the Game of the Year? You make it bigger! Coming to retail shelves this fall, Infogrames' ``Unreal Tournament: Game Of The Year'' edition features the original game, three map pack add-ons, giving UT players an additional 20 maps, plus three all new modes of play, also known as mods.

Created to enhance the online experience of ``Unreal Tournament,'' mods are episodic content that extend the gameplay experience of the original product and have typically been found online by savvy gaming enthusiasts for some time. Now with ``Unreal Tournament: Game Of The Year'' casual gamers who might not have previously found this content will be able to get in on the action!

``We are ecstatic about the rousing reception 'Unreal Tournament' has received since its release,'' said Mark Rein, president of Epic Games. ``In developing the 'Game of the Year' edition our aim is to broaden the scope of our fan base even further. By implementing the mods and new map packs we are providing all consumers a chance to sample the same great gaming experience that the hardcore community has been enjoying and thrives on.''

The three new mods in ``Unreal Tournament: Game Of The Year'' are enhanced versions of mods previously released online to the hardcore gaming community and they include: Tactical Ops, Rocket Arena and Chaos UT. Tactical Ops is set in real world military surroundings and is focused on tactical team-based combat. Players can join either the Special Forces or the Terrorists to defeat one another through strategic objective-based combat.

There is no mention in the press release of a Mac OS version of this re-release; we immediately inquired about this possibility, of course. Here is the swift reply of Infogrames spokesperson Braun Meridith:
Currently I don't have any information on a Mac version of this game. Right now it is for PC only. But I'm sure that there will be discussions about a Mac version.
Excellent news for those of you that haven't taken the plunge and bought this amazing title. Watch for more news on Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year coming soon, and of course a great place to look for Unreal Tournament mods and maps is our sister site Macgamefiles.

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