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Friday, July 26, 2002

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Possible B&W Patch Issue?
6:00 AM | Seth Scott | Comment on this story

Gamers experiencing issues with the recent patch for Feral Interactive's Black & White might be interested in Dair Grant of Zonic's recent posting to the newsgroup. He responds to a poster complaining of unpredictable pauses in the game:

We've had one other report of this so far, but we're not seeing it here.

Can I ask you a)check the Console application and see if any log
messages are appearing and b)let me know (at - remove NOSPAM) what your network connection is (modem, Airport, ADSL, etc).

Something to try in the mean time is to put a file called "commandline" in the application folder, with a line "-noinetconn" in it. This should turn off any network code which might be getting activated - right now that's our best guess as to the cause.

Black & White is an immersive and graphically rich "god-game" brought to us by the creator of the classic Populous. The new patch adds Gameranger support, improves GeForce video performance, and fixes multiple bugs, including a previous freeze issue. Follow the link below to view the thread via Google Groups, which as of this writing has no further listings of this issue.

Feral Interactive
Lionhead Studios
Black & White
Google Groups: Re: Black & White 1.1.6: Pauses?

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