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Thursday, July 25, 2002

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Unreal Tournament 2003 Q&A and Trailer
9:14 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

FPS junkies slavering away for the impending arrival of Unreal Tournament 2003 may be interested in two new pieces of media that have recently popped up. The first, appearing on GameSpot, is an interview with Lead Designers Pancho Eekels and Cliff Bleszinski. While the Q&A session covers the now-familiar basics of UT2003, it also discusses several other features that may not be as well-known.

Besides tweaks and new additions to the cachet of available weapons, special moves, which can be activated with adrenaline power-ups, are also being implemented to allow players greater freedom of movement. Four special moves are currently available that can impact several abilities during play. Bleszinski expounds on this concept an example:

The concept of dodging and moving through the map in a fantastical manner has only been expanded. You can dodge and leap out of it, double jump, dodge off walls, and so on.
Another interesting point brought up by Bleszinski is that UT2003 will in fact ship with one working vehicle, although the vehicle will not be implemented in out-of-the-box gameplay, but rather be available for mod-makers to use if they so wish.

Bleszinski also discusses some of the more creative graphical tweaks that will be available in UT2003:

Render-to-texture is in and working well. In [the map] Curse 3, there is a large mystical portal above the shock rifle in the sky, and if you gaze into, it you can see real-time images of the rest of the level. Shoot the portal and it will warble, [just like the movie] Stargate. Very cool stuff.
The rest of the interview covers Eekels's estimate on recommended system specs for decent play, support plans for mod-makers, and the resources currently being committed to development.

A trailer of UT2003 in action is currently available at IGN PC in QuickTime format. It shows off several astounding levels and some signature UT-style action. Also demonstrated are some of the new weapons, including the satellite laser, and shots of flag-carriers dodging through traffic.

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