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Friday, July 19, 2002

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MWNY: IMG Visits the new SoHo Apple Store
11:44 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

IMG made a trip to Apple's newest store in New York City's trendy SoHo district, and we returned with a full report and a ton of pictures. This huge store is beatifully designed and was packed with excited people trying (and buying) the newest Macintosh hardware and software. Here's a clip from the story:

Every game you could possibly imagine is there on the shelves, and even after foot traffic from thousands of visitors on the opening day, in ample supply. From mega-titles like WarCraft III (all four box designs standing by on multiple racks) to more obscure titles like Descent 3, the SoHo location holds what is undoubtedly the largest selection of Mac games I’d ever seen in one place. Apple has gone far and beyond the required standard for games and even if you think you’ve played and heard of everything, you’ll still find titles you might not have heard of. There’s something for everyone in this location, the selection of edutainment titles surpassing anything you’ll find in a catalog. No matter what your machine specs are, an abundant supply of lower-end titles like Sin, Majesty and Hoyle’s Solitaire collections prove that you don’t need the fastest G4 on the block to run a title from the Soho Apple Store. Gaming hardware is also prevalent with a good selection of controllers and game pads. A catalog might feature a wider array of items, especially is you’re looking for a specialty item such as a USB racing wheel, but for the average user looking to get away from their keyboard and mouse, this should do the trick.
Head over and check out the article now, and also make sure to have a look through all of the pictures from the event.

A Trip to the new SoHo Apple Store

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