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Wednesday, July 17, 2002
MWNY: Apple Announces Upgraded/Redesigned iPods
11:00 AM | Chris Barylick | Comment on this story

Although not rising on its own individualized black pedestal from the stage, Steve Jobs was able to thrill the keynote speech crowds with the announcement of upgraded iPod units today.

Redoubling the previous top capacity of 10 GB, the new iPod stores up to 20 GB of music (about 4,000 songs (averaging 5 minutes @ 160 Kbps)) and features a black leather carrying case as well as a remote control with easily accessible play and volume control buttons.

Having gone back and reengineered their previous best-selling 10 GB iPod, the new 10 GB model is 10% slimmer and also sports the new carrying case and remote control.

Prices have been adjusted accordingly, the older 5 GB model retailing for $299 while the 10 GB sells for $399, and the 20 GB for $499.

The iPod is also greater integration in Apple's digital hub strategy, with support for the iSync application in the forthcoming Mac OS 10.2 upgrade (due August 24th), which will allow your iPod to automatically keep track of your contacts and events.

In addition, the iPod will find itself in the hands of Windows mavens this fall; Apple's latest line of iPods will support Windows with a version of MusicMatch Jukebox's that supports the iPod and includes a 6-pin to 4-pin FireWire adapter. However, "we want to get to the Mac users first," quipped Jobs.

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Archives  News  MWNY: Apple Announces Upgraded/Redesigned iPods