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Wednesday, July 17, 2002
WarCraft III Aftermath Q&A
10:59 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The recent release of Blizzard's RTS title Warcraft III has been met with huge acclaim, along with an estimated 4.5 million copies shipped to game stores. Taking a look at the "aftermath" of such a successful launch, HomeLAN conducted a short interview with Rob Pardo, Lead Designer for WC3, and acquired some information regarding his thought and future plans.

Besides discussing the challenges of handling such a huge launch and the subsequent feelings of relief following the event, Pardo answers several questions regarding Battle.net, including how Blizzard managed to handle the influx of millions of new players. He also brought up the possibility of clan matchups sometime in the future:

HomeLAN - Blizzard's last RTS game StarCraft was a huge hit in competitions and tournaments. Was there any thought given to developing gameplay elements in Warcraft III that would benefit tournament players?

Rob Pardo - Our ladder system has been greatly expanded to help support competition in Warcraft III. We now support team games, and we hope to one day support competition between clans.

The rest of the interview focuses on other issues such as the possibility of a demo and a future WC3 expansion set, as well as Blizzard's future plans. Those interested can find the whole interview at HomeLAN.

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