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Tuesday, July 16, 2002
McPC mimics G4 Tower design
8:02 AM | Tristan Kane | Comment on this story

Apple has built a reputation in recent years for the stylish design of its computers. This has been a major reason for its popularity among many users. The most striking example was the iMac with its distinctive colors and translucent plastics. For years we endured the many efforts of other companies to cash in on this design, with none so contentious as Sotec's e-one and eMachines' eOne computers which became the subject of legal battles around the world.
Apple has since moved on in design, but sadly PC manufacturers do not seem to have moved on in their tactics for making a quick buck, have unveiled what they call a "future product", nicknamed the McPC (MacPC). The McPC is a case design that is essentially a copy of Apple's G4 Tower, and made with apparently the exact same type of plastic. Here is an excerpt from their press release:

We are showing a case design that will be available from in late July. It's currently not available for ordering, yet. If there is enough interest in this product, we'll accept pre-orders.

This new PC case design will be sold at approximately $149 with 330W AMD-approved power supply. It will be available in three colors: blue, grey, and black. Blue and grey colors are shown.

Why such a high price? The plastic material for this design is the same as the Power Mac and very expensive.

Specs : Universal auto open/close door for CD-ROM, DVD, or CD-RW drives. Four external 5.25" bays. Two external 3.5" bays. Front USB ports optional.

The Directron site includes a link to a forum which invites comments on their new design, to access that site or the Hardware Unlimited preview of the McPC, please use the links below. press release
Hardware Unlimited preview

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Archives  News  McPC mimics G4 Tower design