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Monday, July 15, 2002

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Lineage: Episode 11 Release Wednesday
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The official U.S. Lineage: The Blood Pledge site has recently posted the news that Episode 11: Oren is nearing completion. Scheduled to be released on Wednesday, July 17th, Chapter 11 contains many changes and updates such as the following:

  • Oren art and map files have been added. Included in this publish are the Ivory Tower, Ivory Tower Village, Crystal Cavern dungeon, Border Fortress, and a wasteland filled with undead Elmore soldiers from the famed war with Elmore.
  • Additional magic spells are available with this episode. The magic update includes changes/additions to regular magic and the introduction of Elven magic. Elven magic (also called spirit magic) can be learned by Elves at the Mother Tree or in the training room at the Ivory Tower. Items related to learning and casting spirit magic spells include crystals, which serve as spellbooks, and spirit gems, which are like magic gems for regular magic.
  • The NPC Ellyonne can instruct Elves on the use of spirit magic. Elves can learn the common line, and at level 30 may choose an elemental line to specialize in. Ellyonne can be found in the Ivory Tower.
  • New hunting grounds have been added, including areas of the Ivory Tower (4th through 8th floor).
  • Demon armor and death knight armor is added.
  • Sayha’s bow is added.
  • New loot items have been added to certain creatures.
Lineage servers will be unavailable for around two hours on Chapter 11's release date while the update takes place. It's also noted that the download update is substantial, weighing in at around 30 MB.

More information on Chapter 11, including more features and changes, can be found at the official Lineage site.

Lineage - Episode 11: Oren

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