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Thursday, July 11, 2002
Mars Patrol Announced
8:13 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

A programmer by the name of Drew Pauley recently sent us an announcement regarding a Flash-based game currently in development. Titled Mars Patrol, this space-themed action game charges players with the defense of human colonies situated on Mars.

Here's a clip from the announcement itself:

Mars Patrol is a fast-paced arcade game currently under development.
Borrowing elements from classics such as Space Invaders, OIDS, and
Asteroids, Mars Patrol charges the player with the task of defending the
human colonies on Mars from wave after wave of attack by slug-like alien
Though the Flash-based nature of Mars Patrol makes it cross-platform, Pauley notes that the title itself is being developed exclusively on a Mac. In a further nod to the Mac, he also provides an icon that can be dragged into the Mac OS X version of Internet Explorer for use with keeping tabs on Mars Patrol's development.

Those interested in pictures of the title as well as the icon can find both at the Mars Patrol site. Mars Patrol is currently set as a freeware title available sometime in the late Fall.

Mars Patrol

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