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Thursday, August 10, 2000
Developers Seek Help for 3D Title
6:00 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

The curiously-named Seemingly Empty of Thought Studios dropped us a line with the following request for help. They are embarking on an ambitious project indeed, and are in need of experienced programmers with some free time and dedication to move the project forwards. Here is their plea for assistance:

A group of developers and I are working on a new title code named PSM. It is a futuristic game full of action and mystery; it is a cross between Riven and UT. A Quake 3 with a story, puzzles, and engaging but original gameplay. A souped-up Marathon.

We are in need of programmers to help us develop our 3D game engine, our AI system, and our physics engine. This game is our first attempt into the game market. We plan to release this game as either a retail product or at least as a high-quality shareware game. Also, if you aren't a programmer, but are an artist, writer, are good at designing puzzles, have 3D modeling experience, can do cool stuff on a mac (like design cool weapons, effects, stuff like that.), or just don't suck, drop us a line! Feel free to send us examples of your work.

We are not able to pay for help at this moment, this is purely asking for people in the market for a fun time and a great learning experience. But if the title is finished and makes a profit, whosoever helps shall be rewarded.

Contact the SETS team by e-mailing if you have the skills to assist in this ambitious project.

E-mail Ben Kamprath of SETS

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