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Wednesday, July 10, 2002
OpenGL Meeting Notes: MS IP Claims, OpenGL 2.0 Info
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A recent story on links to minutes for the June OpenGL ARB meeting. These meetings are meant to move the powerful 3D API forward, and they involve a wide variety of companies, including Apple. The Slashdot article specifically makes mention of intellectual property claims by Microsoft of patent/licensing issues in OpenGL during the meeting. These claims are presumably from patents recently purchased from SGI, though few details are provided.

Here's an excerpt from the notes:

Microsoft believes they have patent rights relating to the ARB_vertex_program extension. They did not contribute to the extension, but are trying to be upfront about it. They're offering to license their IP under reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms; will license rights to the extent necessary, provided a reciprocal license is granted to MS.
While the claims may well be valid, time will tell how any licensing deal with the Microsoft might affect OpenGL's development.

The meeting does contain other interesting news for those following the development of OpenGL 2.0. 3DLabs, the company currently doing the vast majority of work on the new standard, gave an update on their status, including a demonstration for the participants. The meeting notes also contain a seperate PDF of their presentation. While much of the information is of a technical nature, their proposed timeline includes initial OpenGL 2.0 implementations as early as Siggraph 2003 (an event usually held in July).

For those interested, definitely head over and have a look through the rest of the meeting notes. It should also be mentioned that Apple's membership in the ARB has been extended for another year as well. We'll keep you posted as more information on the next generation of OpenGL is released.

OpenGL ARB Meeting Notes
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Archives  News  OpenGL Meeting Notes: MS IP Claims, OpenGL 2.0 Info