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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

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Sega/Infogrames Rumors; Mac Titles in Question?
6:00 AM | Vern Xiong | Comment on this story

French game maker Infogrames was up in trading 23 percent today on rumors that Japanese sotware giant, Sega was leaning toward acquiring the company and all the rights to their top software titles including the Unreal franchise and more.

"There is a story in The Wall Street Journal about Sega seeking acquisitions, and the market talk is that Infogrames could be a target," said one analyst.

Sega stated earlier this year that their goal was to become the number one provider of entertainment software in the world on any platform and after a few dissapointing results in their PC releases this seems to be their best bet in conquering home PC's. That includes the Macintosh.

The only game released for the Mac from Sega was Yoot Tower a few years back, but it didn't meet sales forcasts and therefore Mac development had been dropped.

Recently IMG recieved a message from Sega about their Mac status. A representative from Sega PC said currently they didn't have plans to bring content to the Mac, but then later said, "However this stance may change, due to our willingness to provide content on every platform."

Infogrames is the parent company of Mac game publisher Macsoft which is one of the top publishers for the Macintosh game industry.

No word yet on how this effects Macsoft, but we're certainly keeping an interested stance at Sega game conversions for the Mac.

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Archives  News  Sega/Infogrames Rumors; Mac Titles in Question?