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Tuesday, July 9, 2002

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More Shadowbane Previews
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

MMORPG fans hungry for more player feedback on Wolfpack Studio's upcoming title Shadowbane need look no further than GamesFirst! and GamePro, both of which have published recent previews on a title that has been several years in the making. Though many of the points made are common knowledge, there are some relevant points concerning gameplay and features that should be of interest to players scrutinizing the development and potential plusses and minuses of Shadowbane's world.

As most players are aware, Shadowbane is being designed to be largely run by various player guilds, which in turn will run various towns. One of the main combat features will not be PvP (person versus person), but rather town vs. town. For those wondering about players who live only to make games miserable for others, GamesFirst reassures that a few players will have no chance against a town. In fact, town sieges are anticipated to last at least 24 hours, and may even go as far as a week, especially considering that defenders have the advantage of both healing and respawning in their own towns.

Another interesting aspect brought up by GamesFirst is the fact that servers will not be separate worlds:

From a technical standpoint, Shadowbane has done away with the "single server = isolate world" way of thinking. Instead, players can travel from one server to the other through portals or teleports. The brief pause while crossing between zones will be gone as well. Simply walking will take you from one environment seamlessly into the other.
Going back to the subject of players who love to cause grief (sometimes known as "griefers,") Shadowbane is implementing a system that should make it difficult for annoying players to kill with impunity, as GamePro notes:
While anyone can kill anyone else in the game (except for newbies level 20 and lower who are located within a GM-created city), the victim of random violence will be able to return to town and report his own murder to the town guards. That town’s guildmaster will then be able to place the entire town on alert against the character’s murderer so that when the criminal tries to enter the city to shop, rest, or whatever, the guards will attack him on sight. The guildmaster will also be able to contact the king of the murderer’s hometown and ask him to tell the griefer to knock it off, lest the towns slide into war.
Another interesting point that GamePro brings up that some may have missed is the fact that, in the minds of players, a town siege carries high stakes. If the attackers win, the defenders will be scattered and their guild disbanded. However, if the attackers lose, they'll find themselves low on resources as well as gain a large and angry enemy in the guild they tried to destroy.

Both previews also contain a wealth of screenshots that show off Shadowbane's graphical prowess. Those interested in either the screenshots or the previews themselves are encouraged to peruse both GamesFirst and GamePro for more information.

GamePro - Shadowbane Preview
GamesFirst! - Shadowbane Preview
Wolfpack Studios

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