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Monday, July 8, 2002
AeroCombat for OS X
8:15 AM | Tristan Kane | Comment on this story

Flight sims enthusiasts should be excited to hear another shareware title, AeroCombat, has been announced by developer John Balestrieri. The game is being built from a combination of REALBasic and OpenGL and has been promised for OS X. AeroCombat looks to combine new technologies with vector-based graphics, much like the famous Disney movie Tron. Here's more from Balestrieri about his hopes for the title:

My goal is to create a fun, retro-arcade experience.

I'm building the game while concurrently developing a small 3d engine using REALbasic & OpenGL. REALbasic & OpenGL can handle large amounts of texture mapped polygons, but I'm limiting the graphics realism by design — elegance and simplicty is the goal.

Whilst the game itself is not likely close to release, the site contains a sort of “diary” of experiments and ideas regarding the game in process. For example the most recent posting features the first efforts at teaching the “drone” planes to seek each other, with rather spectacular visual results. Check out the game's web pages for more information.


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