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Monday, July 8, 2002
Cryo Closing, Dreamcatcher Okay
8:15 AM | Tristan Kane | Comment on this story

Followers business news may have heard that Cryo S.A., a French game publisher, has suffered tremendous difficulties resulting in the suspension of trading of its shares. The relevance of this to gamers is that Cryo had a significant financial relationship with DreamCatcher Interactive. Dreamcatcher is the company responsible for popular PC and Mac adventure games such as The Crystal Key and Riddle of the Sphinx, as well as the upcoming The Omega Stone.

The good news is that Dreamcatcher has responded to this event by stating on its website that it has not been adversely effected by Cryo’s misfortune.

While Cryo indirectly owns an interest in DreamCatcher, Cryo's unfortunate financial difficulties do not affect in any way, DreamCatcher's operations or positive outlook.
For the full response from DreamCatcher please read the link below.

DreamCatcher Responds to Recent News About Cryo
Dreamcatcher Interactive

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Archives  News  Cryo Closing, Dreamcatcher Okay