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Wednesday, June 26, 2002
3Dlabs Counters Nvidia's Cg
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Readers may remember Nvidia's announcement regarding Cg, a new graphics programming language developed by Nvidia. Following up on the announcement, computing website ExtremeTech conducted an interview with various Nvidia employees concerning Cg, whereupon many claims were made concerning OpenGL 2.0's development, currently being spearheaded by 3Dlabs. For example:

ET: What about the apparent conflict between an OpenGL 2.0 shading language, 3DLabs' pushing their agenda, and Cg?

KA: 3DLabs is trying to push their technology, but the real goal of Creative/3DLabs is to advance OpenGL to the place it needs to be. Nvidia agrees strongly with advancing OpenGL, but thinks the Cg approach is better. We need to advance the existing OpenGL, not create a radical new OpenGL. The original model for OpenGL 2.0 was that it exposed only a high-level interface for programmability. There weren't any assembly language level interfaces. As things move right along with OpenGL 1.4, we (the ARB) are incorporating the ability to expose programmable vertex engines based on work done by Nvidia, ATI, and others. And OpenGL 1.5 will have some sort of pixel or fragment shading technology.

Shortly after posting the story, ExtremeTech received a letter from 3Dlabs that contradicted many of the points made in the Nvidia interview. For example, regarding the above quote:
Contrary to Nvidia's claim, developers WILL have access to low-level hardware features from the assembly level if they so desire. Each hardware vendor will have the choice of supporting their own hardware-specific assembly language or the more common ARB_vertex_program assembly language extension, as they desire. These assembly level interfaces will work seamlessly with the OpenGL 2.0 high level shading language.
The rest of the rebuttal goes along in a similar vein, countering points and extoling OpenGL 2.0.

For those that don't wish to wade through a sea of technical terms, ExtremeTech also offers a short analysis of their take on the situation, including compatibility with Microsoft's own Direct X as well as a look at backwards compatibility. Those interested in seeing both sides of the argument can find both articles ExtremeTech's site.

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