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Tuesday, June 25, 2002

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The Sims Vacation Announced For Mac
9:38 AM | Daniel Bogan | Comment on this story

Dust off those Hawaiian shirts and wax your bikini line, 'cause The Sims Vacation is coming to a Macintosh near you. The expansion pack is being ported to Mac platform by the good folks at Westlake Interactive; this was in fact the secret "Track 1" project, a throwback to an early 80's Go Go's song.

Here's a snippet from the Aspyr press release:

Pack your bags because you're taking the Sims on the vacation of a lifetime. Better yet, the first Vacation of a lifetime. Enjoy beautiful, fully customizable destinations such as Vacation Island's serene tropical beach resort, rustic woodland hideaway or the cool winter wonderland. Whether they're embarking on a relaxing family adventure or hooking up on a romantic
getaway, your Sims will discover that dull moments are as scarce as frowning faces.

While on your vacation, the Sims can interact with over 125 new items including the Snowman and the Camping Tent. Along with fun things to do, meet new characters such as the Vacation Director, the Yeti, the Archer, and the Beach Shark! In case you thought you may get away with nothing but perfect memories, beware of prowling pickpockets, out-of-control children, a serious case of Montezuma's Revenge or some other unexpected surprises that can quickly ruin your dream vacation.

Note that while these may possibly change before the release of the game, the current system requirements are:
MacOS 8.6, 9, 10 or later
233 MHz or faster PowerPC G3 or G4
192 MB of built-in RAM (additional Virtual Memory may be necessary)
600 MB free disk space
ATI Rage Pro, NVidia GeForce 2
4 MB video memory
Big thanks to Aspyr and Westlake Interactive for continuing to bring us the latest and greatest games!

The Sims Vacation
Aspyr Media
Westlake Interactive
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