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Monday, June 24, 2002

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Shadowbane War Report
6:03 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A new report posted at Shadowbane's web site gives a rundown of a recent incident between two major cities in the MMORPG's private beta. The article gives a rundown of the four cities currently in the game, as well as news on the conflict between the largest "democracy" in the game, Akalabethia, and the war-hungry guilds of Comptonia. Here's a clip:

When the shadowy outlines of siege engines were visible in the distance, Kronok began to see that the situation was getting desperate. Looking around the field of battle he saw many corpses of his fellow citizens, his guard shacks smashed to rubble, and the siege engines just starting to launch chunks of shrapnel into his rear lines to cause even more casualties. In spite of it all, the valiant citizens of Akalabethia continued to fling themselves at the Comtponian front lines in an attempt to strike at the siege engines. Knowing the battle was all but lost, Kronok prayed to his gods for salvation and joined his fellow warriors for a final charge at the enemy.
Shadowbane is set to be relased late in the year by UbiSoft for the Mac and PC, with an open beta scheduled for sometime this summer.

Shadowbane War Report
Wolfpack Studios

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