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Wednesday, August 9, 2000

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Second B&W Movie Appears
10:23 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Last Thursday we brought you word of a German magazine's exclusive video footage of Lionhead's ground-breaking game, Black & White. Now the second of the two movies has been posted to the web, so that those with enough bandwidth can enjoy them. This clip runs nearly three minutes and reveals details on the spells and creatures in the game. The voice-overs are in German, so if you don't speak the Teutonic tongue just let the spectacular graphics do the talking.

The creatures are probably one of the most talked-about features of B&W, as you actually choose an animal which you will raise to be either good or evil. The animal, which mutates into a super-beast as the result of your magic, is your familiar within the game, the interface between the world and you; they have a limited autonomy, which you can control by the old methods -- reward or punish. The movie shows how you can tattoo your creature to mark it as your own, and how you can either tickle or punish them.

Magic spells are another intrinsic part of the game; interestingly, you must have an steady mouse hand in order to invoke the spells correctly, as they are the result of "hand gestures" with your cursor. The video even shows how your creature can learn from you and cast spells themselves once you teach them how.

Black & White is set to be released for the PC early in November. The game's creator has mentioned many times he was looking to produce a Mac version, so we'll keep you posted. We are very certain that there will be a Mac version, and that the port is already in progress, but it is a bit early to name names.

IMG News: New B&W Eye Candy
B&W Second Movie (30MB)
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