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Tuesday, August 8, 2000

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New Sims Object Available
1:53 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

As part of Aspyr Media's quest to make the PC-format additions and plug-ins for Maxis' The Sims available to Mac users, they will be releasing yet another decorative object for the game -- a cuckoo clock. Sure to add that Swiss ale house ambiance to your household, this clock will have your Sims donning their lederhosen with glee. Here are the details from Aspyr:

Martha Stewart behold the latest Sims decorating gem, better known as

Yes, the next official Sims Mac object is a Cuckoo Clock. Pretty groovy.

Directly from an alpine village in the heart of Europe, this hand carved
beauty is fully functional, no winding necessary, and strikingly
annoying. Your Sims must have one to call their own. Every member of
your family will grow to love that little bird!

The Cuckoo Clock will be made available this afternoon, via our web
site's support page (serialization number is required).

The Cuckoo Clock is a 220K sea file. Go to www.aspyr.com, go to the
support page and click on The Sims box shot. You will be asked to enter
your serialization number (the long number on the sticker on front of
your Sims jewel case). Just download the CuckooClock Installer and
install. Once installed, the Cuckoo Clock will be available on your next
buy mode shopping spree (decorative of course).

Aspyr intends to make such objects available on a pretty regular basis, so keep watching their Support page for more. And to find out more about the Sims, read our preview and first look, and watch for our review of this title.

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Aspyr Media
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Aspyr Media
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