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Monday, June 17, 2002

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'Another War' Coming to the Mac
8:14 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

In a recent interview with 3DAvenue, Polish developers Mirage Interactive revealed they are porting their upcoming role-playing game, Another War, to the Mac. The title is one of the very few RPG's centered around World War II, and the Q&A provides a good overview of the title's direction. It seems they are trying to bridge the gap between other game in the genre like Diablo and Fallout. Here's a clip:

Diablo seemed so flat in the terms of the story. So we decided we would do a game we wanted - as playable and as easy to get into as Diablo and as intriguing as Planescape: Tournament or Fallout.

In technical terms, we have real time combat and amusing on-screen texts. Both elements play a similarly important role and both donít create any obstacles in your progress: they support it. Of course a pretty unusual game background helps in making Another War feel special.

The interview later goes into their influences for the WWII setting, as well as their smirking take on the game.

Mirage has developed Another War's engine in-house, and it appears they are planning to bring it to both Mac OS 9 and OS X:

To make things easier and more flexible, the visualisation engine is completely separated from the game logic. Game itself is coded in an interpreted high level script language, LUA, which means we could separate programmers working on technical basics and these working on gameplay. One of the results is the fact that† the game is quite easily portable to other platforms. Right now we are porting AW to MacOS and OSX. Information for geeks like I am!
There is no word yet if Cenega, the PC publisher, will also be doing the Mac port of Another War. We'll keep on this and bring you any new information we might receive on it. If you'd like more information after the interview, also check out the official Mirage web site and a GameSpy preview.

Another War Inteview at 3DAvenue
Another War Preview at GameSpy
Another War
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