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Tuesday, August 8, 2000

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S&S to 'Unlock' The Fallen?
10:08 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Simon & Schuster, the company bringing the upcoming Star Trek title, Deep Space Nine: The Fallen to the Mac, have announced a new deal with Uniloc.com, Inc. Apparently, they want to offer The Fallen as a try-before-you-buy deal, which is a service Uniloc has provided for other games in the past. Here's more of an explanation:

Uniloc allows computer users to try full "unlocked" versions of games, software, music, video or e-books for a limited time without obligation. When they decide to buy the digital content, the fully secured e-commerce transaction is made directly with Uniloc's partnering retailers who also ship the off-the-shelf copy to consumers, complete with manuals and disks.
The game will be distributed for free for a limited time, in compuer stores and as magazine-cover CD-ROMs; this copy will be time-limited, with an option to unlock the game over the Internet. There was no word on whether the Mac version of this game will also have this service or not, though we'll keep digging for more info; typically S&S's releases are hybrid CDs. This sounds like an excellent concept, and something other companies may consider in the future. The Fallen is set to be released later this Fall for both Mac and PC.

DS9: The Fallen
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